Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Fathers Day ECards

iMovie is a fun way to take simple home videos and spice them up a little. Here are a couple more ideas  to make Dad smile on his special day. Click on the links below to see the Ecards on YouTube.

ILoveYou Fathers Day Card

ILoveYou Fathers Day Card with still photos

Fathers Day 2013 Ecard

Here’s a fun and easy project for Father’s Day that can be done at home or even in the classroom. This lesson is modeled after one of the current video trends on YouTube.
Click on the link below to see one of our finished projects filmed on the iPhone and dropped into iMovie:
Here’s how to create a Father’s Day Project of your own:
1) Draw a portrait of Dad
2) Follow this worksheet which you will turn into individual pages as seen in the video. Younger children might need help coming up with similes. You can guide them by suggesting…”Hmmm…dad is pretty strong…what is a strong animal that you can think of that we can compare to Dad?” Some examples are: He is as busy as a bee. He is as funny as a hyena.
3) Then type each line of the worksheet onto a separate piece of paper.
4) You can use a camera phone or any other type of video camera to film. Practice with children taking their time with switching the papers. Have them watch the video of the final project so that they can see what they are trying to achieve.
5) Send to Dad on Father’s Day giving him a video that will melt his heart.