Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shower Your Teachers with Appreciation

My favorite way to spoil our teachers during Teachers Appreciation Week is to have breakfast and lunch (and dinner if I have a really go-get 'em group of parents in our class) brought into them each day. It starts off with a simple email like this:

"Good evening families! Hope you all had a restful Spring Break and delightful Easter. As you may have heard, next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, where we take a little time to show our teachers how grateful we are for the difference they make in the lives of our children. Instead of collecting money for a class gift, I love arranging for parents to bring in lunch to our teacher each day. Of course you are still welcome to make your own cards or bring in your own little gifts. But if you are interested in signing up to bring coffee and a breakfast treat, or lunch for Mrs. Miller see the opportunities below. I will give Mrs. Miller a stack of menus tomorrow and if you sign up for one of the slots, I will just forward you her order from a local lunch stop. 
Monday coffee and breakfast treat:
Monday lunch:
Tuesday lunch:
Wednesday lunch:
Thursday coffee and breakfast treat:
Thursday lunch:
Friday coffee and breakfast treat:
In years passed, I have had a big enough response to also have sign ups for dinners. If you’d like to do dinner instead of lunch just specify. Thank you SO much for your help with this. It means SO much to our teachers when all of their hard work is recognized. "

While parents are busy signing up, I drop a stack of menus by the teachers desk so that she can pick out her lunches for the week. Then after she's done and gives it back to me, I forward the specific orders along to the parents who volunteered to help. After that, it is up and running. I do send an email out each night of that week saying a special thank you to those who brought in treats and I remind the people who have signed up for the next dayjust in case its slipped their minds.

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