Friday, June 17, 2011

Teacher Gifts- Birthdays

Candy bar cards were a huge hit in my son's kindergarten class this year. I thought they'd be fun for the kids to see since my son doesn't think that gift cards are any fun to get for your birthday. So, I figured the kids would love to see the candy, and the teacher will like the gift card at the end.

The first card I made, I learned that you can spend a fortune on candy bars and not even use half of the ones that you buy. I went to Walmart and the grocery store and initially just bought any candy bar that had a name I thought I could work with. As I sat down to write, I realized I had WAY more than I needed and some of the names that I thought were so clever, sounded a little weird for a birthday card to a kindergarten teacher (Butterfinger, Big Hunk).

 Both teachers were so excited to get their candy bar card. And on my way out the door after presenting the second card, 3 different students came up to ask me if they invited my son to their birthday party, would I make them a candy bar card, too. I had no idea this little project would make my son so   popular!


Kaitlin Edwards said...

Maybe instead of the full sized candy you could try the fun size. This may save you some money especially if you have to make multiple cards.

Lisa said...

where did you find the good news candy?

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