Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teacher Gifts- End of the year

We have 2 teachers this year, so I was looking for something new that was easy to make twice. I came across the cutest idea on this blog I found:

I used her poem (below) and put my own little spin on it. I filled a can from Michael's with any kind of mint candy I could find, attached the poem in the inside, and hung a gift card on the back. I loved that it was filled with sweets to carry around in her purse. I loved the creative poem, and who doesn't love a little shopping spree over summer vacation?

Thanks for your commit-"mint" to help me learn.
Thanks for your encourage-"mint" to always do my best.
Thanks for your involve-"mint" in my life.
Thanks for your invest-"mint" of time and energy
to make school such a great place to be.
Thanks for making each day an enjoy-"mint".
Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-"mint"
for me to learn and grow.
Everything you have done this year
    has really “mint” a lot to me!!!

                                                   (poem from

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